Monday, August 26, 2013

Google Merchant Center FTP Server Update

On September 16, Google Base will be upgrading the Google Merchant Center FTP system and updating the IP addresses for our upload server (

 If your network firewall rules require you to permit connections to specific IP addresses, you'll need to update your network settings as a result of this change. If you submit feeds to without adjusting your firewall settings, you may disregard this notification.

 If you submit your data feeds via FTP and you're connecting from a network protected by a firewall, make sure the firewall rules allow you to connect to the following IP addresses:

 New IP addresses for (existing) (existing) (existing) (existing)

Please note that these IP addresses should only be used to configure your firewall and not to establish direct connection to the server. To connect to the FTP server, please always use the hostname, as none of the specific IP addresses are guaranteed to be available at a given time.

If necessary, please make sure to implement any changes to your firewall by September 16, to prevent any interruptions when we make this change.

Below, we've included the list of IP addresses that will be deprecated. You should keep these IP addresses in your firewall settings until we've completed this migration on September 30.

IP addresses to be retired:

 To read about submitting your feed via FTP read Here

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