Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bing Introduces Product Search and New Ad Formats: What it Means for Bing Ads Advertisers

On Friday, Aug 23 Rich Bowen on the Bing Ads Community posted an articel about the new Bing Product Search

Bing is introducing a new product search experience that will help consumers search less and do more. The new experience created by using consumer input and research, harnesses Bing’s index of 10’s of millions of individual products that have been organized by advanced machine learning to show relevant products directly in the main results page. This means that people searching for products will save time because they no longer need to navigate to a dedicated “shopping” experience to find what they’re looking for. Below we outline the steps you’ll need to take as an advertiser on Bing, to prepare for this change when it takes effect in the coming weeks.

How advertisers and merchants can promote their products with the new Bing product search experience:

When Microsoft roll outs the new product search experience that will replace Bing Shopping, there will be both free and paid solutions to help you, our merchants and advertisers, promote your products on the Yahoo! Bing Network search result pages. We will do this in two ways: via Rich Captions and Product Ads.

Rich Captions

Rich Captions is a new free service which gives you an opportunity to provide information about your products directly on the Bing search result pages. Your product’s price and availability may be displayed below the search algorithmic results linking to your product’s page. This new experience will begin to rollout in the next month. To participate, you will need to submit your product catalog via a feed. If you are a Product Ads beta customer, this feed is the same as your Product Ads feed or you can create a new one.

How it works: Before serving a search result page, Bing will compare the algorithmic search results urls to the urls in your feeds. If there is a match, the price and availability information may be added below the blue links (representative image above). This information will help users make informed decision before clicking on the links to your pages.

To sign up for offers in Rich Captions: Over the coming weeks as the product experiences begins to rollout, you will be able to go to your store on Bing Merchant Center (BMC) and check the “Rich captions” checkbox to activate the service. If you do not have a store, you can easily create one and can access the Bing Merchant Center (BMC) from the Bing Ads site.

If you are an existing Bing Shopping merchant, you will not automatically be signed up for Rich Captions. Knowing that not all experiences work for all of our merchants, we have made Rich Captions an ‘opt-in’ experience. If you want to participate, all you will need to do is login to your store once to check the “Rich Captions” box.

Once you have signed up, you can submit your feeds via direct upload to BMC, or via FTP, or via HTTP pull. Since Rich Captions is a new product and we expect many merchants to sign up, it may take a few weeks for us to review your feeds (to ensure high levels of data quality) and onboard you as merchants.

Product Ads:

Product Ads is a new search ad format currently in closed beta in the U.S. It is not yet open to all advertisers and is expected to roll out in the coming year. The ads are delivered on both Bing and Yahoo! search result pages and will allow advertisers to include product details such as image, price and description within their ads, delivering key information about the product offers that will help users make informed decisions before clicking on the ads (which improves the conversions). Product Ads pulls inventory from the catalogs that advertisers submit via feeds (as Rich Captions does). We will continue to keep this group informed as the experience becomes available to all advertisers.

The new Bing product search experience will gradually roll out over the next few months and the Bing team will continue to fine tune things as we go. For additional information on the new shopping experience and how you can prepare, please check the FAQ or download the Bing Merchant Center (BMC) Guide for more information.

-- Rich Bowen & Nicolas Kardas, Bing Ads Source

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