Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Q&A about the Bing and Shopping Merger

Q) Why are you making this change right now?

A) We specifically chose this time of year to make the change because it represents the greatest
opportunity for our merchant base. The new placements will be available in Bing Shopping by
November 1st. If you want to have the opportunity to be featured in these positions, you need to act
now. Begin a relationship with Shopping.com if you don’t already have one by contacting

Q) How can I get access to the new higher visibility placements?

A) You may already have it!  All merchants currently working with Shopping.com will be eligible for
the new placements.  While no further action is necessary, we encourage merchants to consider
submitting their entire catalogue to Bing Shopping through Shopping.com

Q) What happens to the offers I provide Bing Shopping if I work with Shopping.com
or another aggregator?

A) Shopping.com is our lead partner.  This means that as a result, in cases where duplicate offers
exist, offers from Shopping.com will be selected as the customer visible offer over those provided
directly to Bing Shopping or by other aggregators. In the instance where a merchant’s offers are not
available via Shopping.com, offers from PriceGrabber are eligible for the new placements. Normal
click fees will apply for paid offers.

Q) Have the Bing Shopping Merchant Data Feed Terms of Use changed as a result of
this program?

A) No. The Bing Shopping Terms of Use for feeds that you send directly to Bing Shopping (rather than
an aggregator or other third party) have not changed as a result of this program and all rules and
restrictions will continue to apply.

Q) If I need support, who do I go to?

A) If you have an existing relationship with Shopping.com please consult with their support first.
Shopping.com support can be reached at: merchantsupport@shopping.com. You can also contact
Bing Shopping directly using our Bing Shopping Support

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