Monday, August 1, 2011 Accelerated Feed Processing announced Friday afternoon a significant enhancement to their feed processing technology. Feed updates made to price and stock availability will now be reflected on the site within 30 minutes. The email indicated that many retailers were requesting this feature and so they have complied to our wishes.

It sounds nice and it is a great benefit, but truth be told it's hard to see why a site would need their information updated that quickly.

Something a few realities have mentioned that they would like to change is their payment options. only accepts paypal for merchants to pay their monthly CPC rates. Yup thats right you may have not noticed it yet, but will only accept paypal for payment.

I wondered about this my self until i discovered that is owned by ebay (Source), which also owns paypal (Source).

This might explain why they only accept paypal but we have no official statement yet.

Well hopefully one day and the people at paypal might realize that what people really want is options. options to buy, options to shop, and options to pay. Even merchants want options.

Here is the email that sent out

<--Quote--> is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to our feed processing technology where feed updates made to price and stock availability will now be reflected on site within 30 minutes*.

We listened to your feedback on the importance of this feature and are pleased to be the sole comparison shopping engine to meet your needs with this technology. Expedited feed processing displays the most price accurate in-stock offers, creating an optimal consumer experience while improving conversion to sale.

Don't lose out on sales with outdated offers.

Leverage this new technology today and refresh your feed with up to date prices and stock availability. Help accurately advertise your offers on the majority of the network.

Sincerely, Merchant Services

*Upon receipt of a merchant's feed, will use commercially reasonable efforts to process and reflect product price and availability updates on site within approximately 30 minutes. However, does not warrant or guarantee that updates will be made in this time.

<--End Quote-->

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