Friday, June 10, 2011

Product Specific Advertsing Using Google Adwords API

Merchant Advantage, one of the leading data feed management providers, recently announced their new "KeywordControl" tool. Some of the things they promise it can do are

  • Auto create a Google ad for each of your products.
  • Update and insert current product pricing in each product ad.
  • Automatically stop an ad from showing when inventory is low.
  • Customize ads for each product during a specific promotion.

Here is a brief diagram of how the new Keyword Control tool works.

Merchant Advantage is also displaying their Adwords certified partner badge, which should give merchants the security that Merchant Advantage knows what they are doing in the Adwords field even though they are fairly new to it. Most of their clients have used their software for comparison shopping engines.

Here is their official announcement

MerchantAdvantage is pleased to announce our newest product, KeywordControl , designed specifically for web retailers that want to reap the profits of search marketing with Google AdWords.

Never before have web retailers had the opportunity to bring product-specific advertising to their large number of products.

What is Product-Specific Advertising?
• Have you ever dreamt of being able to market each of your products through Google Adwords?
• Insert today's price in each product ad?
• Stop an ad from showing when inventory is low?
• Customize ads for each product during a specific promotion?

Product-specific advertising is about creating search marketing campaigns for each product, with product-specific keyword groups, ad creatives, and landing pages. The combination gives you more sales (higher conversions) and lower costs, and now with KeywordControl, you can bring the profits of product-specific advertising to your entire catalog.

Note: KeywordControl will not affect any of your existing Google campaigns, and can work side-by-side with your current search marketing program.

Proven. Already.
With some of the top retailers in the industry, we have already reached unparalleled success for our web merchants. This is the time to bring our powerful solution to your product catalog, and reap the profits of product-specific advertising.

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